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Energy Strategy

Silex Mining offers an array of energy strategies to power your mining operations. Silex Mining has partnered with national leaders in traditional and alternative energy to create a custom energy solution for your geographic location. Sources of energy that Silex Mining consults on:

Flare Gas

When mining using flare gas there are many things to keep in consideration; pressure of the well, conventional vs. non-conventional, as well as the type of generator used. Silex Mining offers consulting services allowing a white glove approach to flare gas mining. We are also able to procure flare gas sites through our network of strategic partners varying in size from 1- 50 MW capacities. 


With the use of hydroelectricity becoming more prevalent, we have partnered with industry leaders to bring these off-grid energy opportunities to our customers.  

Traditional on Grid

From negotiating PPAs to sourcing on-grid energy opportunities, Silex Mining is your end-to-end solutions provider. Energy opportunities available range from 1-200MW and include opportunities inside and outside the US.  

Carbon Credits

Whether it’s buying a manufactured product or driving a car, our daily activities produce carbon emissions that put harmful carbon dioxide into the environment. To help reduce the impact of the carbon emissions we produce each day, our partners offer the ability to fund projects like reforestation, farm power, and landfill gas capture to remove carbon from the environment enabling miners to operate carbon neutral.