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At Silex Mining we help our customers develop a mining strategy with a focus on optimizing your Terahash per Kilowatt.  We employ a research driven approach to maximize your mining efficiencies.  Whether this is your first venture into mining or an expansion of existing operations, Silex can assist with all facets of the procurement, design, implementation, and management of mining facilities. With decades of experience in the Data Center industry, our network of partners use creative means to finance mining operations.




  • Miners can run 24/7, 365 Days a year
  • Maintain Constant Thermal Environment
  • Virtually Silent


  • Eliminate Dust & Debris 
  • Increase Energy Efficiency
  • Not subject to outdoor environment
  • Increase Stability & Lifespan of Miners
  • Safely overclock up to 40% over OEM Hashrates without loss of efficiency 
  • Smaller Footprint = Less Real Estate
  • Lower Miner Replacement Cost
  • Purchase fewer miners for same Hashrate
  • Lower Energy Costs